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January InSight 2018

How to Stick to Resolutions While Traveling


A new year has started, and you’ve set your good intentions for 2018. Whether you are wanting to save money or learn a new skill, sometimes travelling can be a hurdle to achieving your goals.


Click here for tips to keep your resolutions on track even while traveling.


John F. Kennedy International Airport


JFK airport is the busiest international air passenger gateway in North America. It has about 80 airlines operating from its 125+ gates. However, despite its size and importance, it does not have service from either United or Southwest.

JFK is seemingly in a constant state of construction with one terminal or another being renovated or rebuilt.  The most iconic building at JFK is the former TWA terminal which was seen in several scenes from the 2002 movie Catch Me If You Can.


Here’s what you need to know about JFK International Airport.



Navigating New Travel Companies


The travel industry continues to evolve. New ways to find transportation or a place to stay are popping up all the time, with AirBnB and Uber being just some of the most popular examples. While there are certainly advantages to these newer methods, business travelers need to be wary of options that aren’t as consistent across various locations as traditional hotels and car rental companies.


One such example is car2go. You’ve probably seen their ubiquitous blue and white smart cars (and great parking spots!). As you can rent a car by the minute or by the day, it’s a good option for those who only need a car for a few hours. There are car2go locations all over North America and Europe. However, you can’t use your North American membership in Europe, or vice versa. You need two separate accounts, with different email addresses, phone numbers, and driver’s license numbers. As most drivers don’t have multiple license numbers, it’s been very difficult for travelers to use car2go on other continents.


This has proven to be quite a surprise for car2go users traveling internationally. During travel, it’s best to make sure you are familiar with all the regulations and rules for any new-to-you company prior to departure.


Smart Thermostat


It can be hard to decide what temperature to set your home at when you leave for a trip. You don’t want to return to a cold home, but you also don’t want waste energy to heat rooms you aren’t occupying.


A smart thermostat allows you to control your home’s temperature from your phone. You can turn your heating (or cooling) down when you leave for your trip and turn it back on while you’re waiting for your luggage so you return to a comfortable home. Even if you forget, many smart thermostats have an Auto-Away feature which adjusts the temperature when you’re detects you're not at home. If you’re worried about your home dropping to a dangerously low temperature, there are also safety alerts that send notifications to your phone when your home gets too cold, (or too hot).

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