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August InSight 2019

Arriving Fresh: Combatting Jet Lag


Many travelers assume that jet lag on long distance flights is an inevitability as reliable as death and taxes.  But it need not be that way, with the right planning and a few expert tips.  There are numerous factors in travel that contribute to jet lag and unfortunately, some attempts to deal with them can actually make it worse. Read the tips from our UNIGLOBE experts


Virgin Hotels


Over four years ago the venerable Virgin brand opened its first Virgin Hotel in downtown Chicago.  While it has taken longer than promised, their expansion is now underway.  A Virgin Hotel opened earlier this year in San Francisco and a Dallas location is expected to open in December. 

Virgin Hotels are completely in line with the brand’s trend of differentiating from the competition through unique service offerings with style and sass.  Each “chamber,” as they call it, has an unusual layout – essentially a dressing room/closet/bathroom combined into one large space, separated by a sliding door from your living/sleeping space. They offer app-based access to guest services, TV controls and more and deliver value by not charging for wifi (without the need to join their loyalty program) and having street prices for the minibar drinks and snacks. Add in their customary splashes of red alongside very friendly staff and Virgin Hotels are well worth the price.

Planned openings for 2020 include Nashville, New York City and Las Vegas. 


Save Your Shoulder When Rolling Your Luggage

When traveling with a rolling suitcase and either a laptop bag or backpack, many people want to combine the two items. This frees a hand for a coffee and takes a weighty strap off your shoulder.  But if you’re concerned about your shoulder, its important to do it the right way. The most common approach is to the stack the smaller bag on top of the suitcase, either leaning it against, or strapped around the handle. However, this places more weight and pressure on your shoulder while you’re rolling your bag.  The best approach is to use a clip (many suitcases have them built into a zippered pouch on top) to hang the bag off the front.