3 Ideas for the Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Trip

February 11, 2020

They say it’s not about a place but with whom you spend your time with. While this rings true, we can’t help but imagine celebrating the month of love in the location you both will never forget. We may be biased, but here at UNIGLOBE we believe surprising your significant other with a Valentine’s Day trip is one of the most thoughtful ways to show your special person just how much you love them.

If you’d like to celebrate your relationship in a destination just as special as you both are, we have the resources to help you find and book the perfect trip to do just that. Before you start browsing through all vacation packages, think about what you both enjoy seeing the most as a couple. Is it the city life with its bustling streets, museums, shops and culture or rather a nature adventure where you can disconnect from the busy life? Mountains or the beaches? How about an exotic cruise? Either way, we can help get you on the right track to plan the most memorable trip of your life!

3 Ideas for the Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Trip


Did you know that more than 80% of people who have cruised once will do it again? Yes, there’s a big chance that your significant other will fall in love with it so much it might become your annual affair. Things to consider are: hundreds of ships, thousands of worldwide destinations, budget or luxury, a 3-day cruise or a 90-day around the world trip - the choices are yours. 


If you both love culture, world class museums, galleries, shopping and award-winning dining experiences, we can help you find the perfect destination in Europe to explore. There is no better way to get to the picturesque towns, hamlets and villages of Britain, Italy, and the Mediterranean with the insight and expertise of local guides and ease of transportation, than on a tour curated by the travel agency.

Central & South America

Are you ready for an elevated vacation, below the equator? Sample the unique cultures of Central & South America, enjoy the spectacular scenery and get a glimpse into the rural life of the locals. 

You didn't think summer is the best time to travel, did you? The off season presents milder temperatures, fewer crowds, and better deals. Choose among the best itineraries across the globe - presented during the low season - so you and your loved one can experience the world's most popular destinations for less.

At UNIGLOBE, we are committed to helping you fulfill and exceed your travel objectives and optimize your travel spend. Contact us today to book the most romantic Valentine’s Day trip ever!


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